Our notification service has proven to increase fire protection system inspection, testing & repair activity by 60% in jurisdictions that utilize our technology and services!


When a property is past due for a backflow test or they have deficiencies that have not been repaired, let our team track down the paperwork and help you reach your compliance goals!


The Compliance Engine allows you to navigate compliance challenges associated with trying to gain conveyance inspection compliance on all your elevators, moving walks and chair lifts.


The Compliance Engine is a simple, web-based service for code officials to track and drive inspection, testing and maintenance code compliance for fire protection systems, backflows and elevators, reduce false alarm activity, and provide safer communities through third party inspection reporting and maintenance. 

TCE works for you: collecting, organizing and categorizing the third-party inspection reports. Track all your buildings critical safety systems, know who is compliant, who is deficient, and make more informed decisions that keep your staff, residents and visitors safe. 

TCE connects contractors–who inspect, test, and maintain fire protections systems, backflows and elevators–directly to the Authority Having Jurisdiction. Gain a proactive, efficient process to review reports, track deficiencies, notify parties, and ensure compliance. 

Proactively drive your inspection, testing and maintenance compliance goals the free and simple way. Ask for a demo today. 

The Compliance Engine

Your Connection to Compliance