What is TCE?

AHJs Connection to Compliance!

The Compliance Engine (TCE) is a fire official’s new best friend! The Compliance Engine automates the delivery of third party inspection and testing reports for fire and life safety, dramatically increasing a fire prevention bureau’s productivity and eliminating problems that all too often cause officials more heartburn than a dozen cups of coffee at 3 am.



At Brycer we strive for compliance and public safety. We make everything easy and streamlined. TCE is a web-based solution that connects AHJs, third party inspection companies, and commercial entities delivering fire and life safety inspection reports in a completely streamlined and efficient manner.



In a time of constrained budgets, TCE will afford AHJs the ability to focus on deficient buildings while improving utilization of manpower.



TCE is the platform to realizing 100% compliance with adopted fire and life safety codes. With a click of a button you receive readable, uniform reports sorted as compliant or deficient, affording you time to achieve your goals of a safer community.



The Compliance Engine has proven itself perfect for the task for which it was designed: as a fire code official’s sidekick in getting compliance done right, done now, done accurately, done 100%!

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