Brycer Team

Matt Rice and Bryan Schultz, two Chicago-area natives, founded Brycer, LLC., based on the need they saw for streamlining the fire inspection process and their years of experience in the fire, insurance and technology industries.

Matt RiceMatt Rice, CEO, is expert in applying technology “the internet in particular” — to transform old-line pen-and-paper processes into modern, rapid, cost-effective solutions. He has served property owners as Managing Director of Aon Corporation, a Chicago-based property and casualty professional firm, and as director of business development for Presidio Excess, an insurance underwriter. His hands-on technology experience includes time as vice president of Risk Alert, a Miami-based information management system for hospitals. He is noted for his ability to identify procedures and processes that are best served with the application of technology.

Matt, a Providence College graduate, lives with his wife and nine children. He enjoys coaching his kids’ football and basketball teams while occasionally sneaking off to play a round of golf.

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Bryan SchultzBryan Schultz, Managing Director is the country’s most authoritative voice on third party reporting in fire safety. Prior to founding Brycer, Bryan established his experience as Executive Vice President of Total Fire and Safety, where he transformed the full service fire protection service company using the latest technology to dramatically increase inspection and service revenue and improve customer service.

Bryan, a graduate of the University of Phoenix, is well-known for applying his engineering expertise to solve difficult problems. Completely familiar with the issues related to fire inspections because of his experience and friendships within the industry, Bryan is the idea man behind The Compliance Engine. Bryan lives with his wife and five children. He is a big sports fan, relishes his time riding his Harley Davidson Custom and staying fit with exhausting 5a.m. workouts.

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Alwyn Francis is a vital member of the Brycer team, leading the development group that designed The Compliance Engine as a user-friendly web-portal that totally transforms the fire inspection process. Alwyn, with more than 25 years in the IT business, has a well-deserved reputation for his structured, disciplined approach to software development and his ability to bring out the best of the creative team he leads.

Alwyn is a graduate of Thames Polytechnic (now the University of Greenwich) in London, where he majored in Computer Studies. He is a member of the Illinois Technology Association and serves as an IT advisor to many businesses in DuPage County.  Born in merry ole England, he now resides with his wife and children in Naperville, IL, where he spends his spare time coaching and watching the sporting activities of his two youngest children.

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