What is “web-based software” or “cloud-computing”?

Brycer hosts The Compliance Engine application at a secure Data Center. The Data Center provides exceptional access to the Internet, where authorized customers world-wide may access their respective account. There is no software installation required on the user’s computer (other than a web browser).

Do I have to purchase any hardware or software?

No. The Compliance Engine system is completely web-based, meaning you only need to have a standard web-browser to operate it. There is no software or hardware to install or maintain.

Will your system integrate with our current operating systems?

Yes, The Compliance Engine was built with this question in mind. We understand your need to have your information in a central location and have built our system with the ability to integrate with all current systems.

When can I log into the system?

Anytime, anywhere. Since the system is web based you do not need any software.

What level of computer knowledge will an AHJ need to have in order to use TCE?

If they have the ability to surf the web then they will be able to navigate The Compliance Engine.

How difficult is it to add users to the system?

Extremely easy! Have your account administrator add the new user to the system in minutes.

We have several people who want to enter data at the same time, is that possible?

Yes, the system allows multiple concurrent users to complete reports, enter data and otherwise fully access and use the system—at the same time.

Why is TCE important for an AHJ?

In a time of constrained budgets, TCE will afford AHJ’s the ability to focus on deficient buildings, improving utilization of fire departments manpower.

What makes The Compliance Engine so Powerful?

Great question! Simply put our people, passion, and vision for Brycer and public safety. Our software is built to the highest standards but what separates us is our dedication to the life safety industry and a continued push to be the best partner in the market.

Who benefits from the TCE Online program?

Everyone, AHJ’s become more efficient, inspection companies receive greeter market penetration, building owners can be certain that their building’s comply with adopted codes and everyone can rest assure that their community is a safer place to live and work.

When do inspection reports need to be submitted?

Individual Reports for Specific AHJ’s
Sprinkler System Wet Annually
Sprinkler System Dry Annually
Sprinkler System Preaction/Deluge Annually
Fire Alarm System Annually
Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression System Semi-Annually
Commercial Kitchen Hood Cleaning Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annually, Annually
Standpipe Inspection Annually
Standpipe Hydrostatic Test 5-Year
Active Smoke Control System Annually
Fire Escape 5-Year
Special Suppression (Clean Agent) Annually
Private Hydrant System Annually
Fire Pump Annually
Spray Booth Fire Suppression System Annually
Emergency Generator Annually
Shaft and Floor Pressurization Annually
Flammable Finishes Applications Annually
Foam Systems Annually / 5-Year

How does TCE address the local code requirements for different states and smaller jurisdictions?

TCE has been built to handle all NFPA, ICC, and Life Safety codes no matter what version of the code your jurisdiction is on.

Why choose BRYCER?

Because, we envision a world where all preventable fires are prevented. Our mission is to utilize technology as a vehicle to ensure compliance with the law and that NFPA codes are followed by all appropriate entities. Creating a Safer Community for All!

Are you a member of any organizations related to the fire and life-safety industry?

Certainly, NFPA, ICC, IFIA, IFCA and many others are keys to our current and continued success. We have worked diligently with key members of many organizations to always deliver the best product and services to you. If you feel that we would be a key partner with your organization please contact us right away.

Does BRYCER use advisors or consultants in anyway?

Our system was built by you for you. We have consulted with some of the brightest Fire Marshals, Fire Chiefs, and advisory councils in the industry in delivering you the best product on the market to date!

How will BRYCER benefit the community?

100% compliance with your adopted codes is our mission! Together, we will create safer communities for all.

How is TCE Green?

The Compliance Engine application gives everyone the ability to store inspection results electronically and eliminates the need for multiple copies of inspection reports, thus creating a world where thousands of trees can be spared or put to better use.

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