About Us

Brycer, LLC., whose principals have been intimately involved in the fire, insurance and Information Technology industries for decades, created a simple to use, state-of-the-art web-based service to accelerate and simplify the collection and utilization of fire and life safety data. Brycer’s automated Compliance Engine service delivers data in a clean, easy-to-read, uniform format to the Authority Having Jurisdiction to ensure rapid compliance with the law and ultimately a safer community. The service functions as a data aggregating, document management and information delivery vehicle for fire prevention bureaus and inspection companies, ensuring greater productivity and more comprehensive, accurate reporting.

Our mission is to utilize technology to ensure compliance with adopted fire codes and the law. Our solutions are economical, efficient, flexible and scalable to meet the needs of fire bureaus, inspection companies and consumers world-wide. Our mantra is “Keep it Simple”. Literally with a click of the mouse, our clients have at their fingertips ALL the information they need, when and where they need it, to ensure that every building in a community is compliant with required laws and regulations.

The regard we have for fire departments and their mission of protecting lives and property is what drives us as entrepreneurs to continually innovate solutions that enhance the ability of officials to deliver critical compliance services, allowing us to contribute as a partner in improving public safety.

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